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All over the world, we celebrate births, birthdays, weddings and deaths. In our professional and private lives, we have all had to participate in one way or another in the organization of many celebrations: children's birthdays, project launches, openings, funerals, baby showers, weddings, etc. Each time, we have to take a lot of time to find, according to our dates, the best ideas, reliable suppliers and fair prices. From there, we had the idea to create the 4 Celebrations platform. A one-stop shop to find services, evaluate costs and place orders.

It's the ideal tool to facilitate the organization of the most important moments in our lives, but it's also the ideal tool to support the event industry. By automating many of the administrative aspects, 4 Celebrations will take the burden off of local event companies. We hope to help the event industry recover from the many limitations of the past few years and to enhance the value of gatherings in the community.

4 Celebrations is also committed to donating 1% of the platform's revenues to social causes of moral universalism.


To create the ideal tool to find services, evaluate costs and place orders in order to facilitate the organization of important moments in our lives. 4 Celebrations is also committed to donating 1% of the platform's revenues to social causes of moral universalism.


To conduct our activities under the sign of respect, moral universalism and excellence. 4 Celebrations is a tool for celebrating life with integrity.


4 Célébrations is the best way to find all the services that will make your event unique, magical and memorable.


An unforgettable encounter.


Add life to the years.


The sweetest happiness is the one we share.


Celebrating life at the moment of death.


The 4 Celebrations platform allows you to view and advertise service offerings for FREE. A service fee for using the platform may be charged at the time of order. Packages are also available to optimize the service presentation experience for partners and clients.


Being a partner on the 4 Celebrations platform and contributing to recognized social causes: how does it work?

Register on your own, or take advantage of our business development expertise and let us help you make your business shine by contacting us directly.

1. Create your ad

Creating your ad on 4 Celebrations is easy and free. Describe your service, indicate the price per person or per service package and add your photos and other information.

Our tools can recommend package creation formulas, but you retain control over your base price. A fee of 8% of the value of your service will be added to your rate for the use of the transactional platform, payment management and a social ethics contribution.

(4 Celebrations has made it part of its corporate policy to contribute 1% of the platform's revenues to social causes of moral universalism).

2. Welcome your organizing clients

Get to know your customers before the celebration by sending them a message via our platform.

Most partners make sure to follow up with clients by phone to confirm certain details about the event and their services.

You can meet with your clients before the event to ensure an extra bond of trust or simply send a personalized confirmation email.

3. Receive your payment

Thanks to 4 Celebrations' secure payment system, you will never have to handle the money directly.

Clients pay in advance of the celebration, and 4 Celebrations returns that payment to you, less an 8% service fee.

You must have an active PayPal account.

How do the 4 Celebrations payments work?

All payments are processed securely through 4 Celebrations' online payment system. Clients pay at the time of booking and suppliers receive payment within 3 business days. You choose the payment method that suits you: direct transfer, Paypal, or several other options available.


4 Celebrations focuses on the celebrations of life, the people and the milestones we want to celebrate, from birth to death.

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4 Celebrations welcomes your questions and comments. In order to optimize your experience, we respond to your messages as quickly as possible and we will be happy to be in contact with you.

See you soon!

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