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You want to celebrate an end of life event and lack inspiration? 4 Celebrations is here to make it easy! Whether it's decorations, gift ideas, a celebrant or activities to do, your event planning needs are gathered here, so you can easily plan your celebrations with local entrepreneurs!


End of life

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flower bouquet
30.00$ - 360.00$
Giving monthly bouquets to your loved ones is a great way to show your love and make a positive impact on their lives!
Event Coaching
On Sale!
2,400.00$ - 4,600.00$

If you're responsible for organizing an event for your company, organization or school, call on the services of our event coach! She'll guide, coach, support and direct you.

Video editor
345.00$ - 865.00$
Do you have video footage of your event and want to create a souvenir video? Book the services of a professional video editor, who will add a creative and original touch to your video! 3 packages available: 10 hours of
A new cremation service in Montreal and throughout Quebec

Simplify your procedures with Crémation Simple .

We can't ease your pain, but we can take a weight off your shoulders.

Organize your deceased loved one's cremation entirely online, and Crémation Simple will take care of the rest.

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