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All over the world, we celebrate life's great moments: births, anniversaries, weddings and deaths. Whether professional or personal, organizing such celebrations requires considerable time and effort to unearth the best ideas, find reliable suppliers and get the prices right.

With this in mind, the 4 Célébrations platform was created as a one-stop shop for finding services, assessing costs and placing orders.

Today we're tackling a subject dear to the hearts of future brides and grooms: how to keep children occupied at a wedding?

How do I find a wedding sitter?

4 Celebrations' childcare service offers the perfect solution for weddings. Our professionals are carefully selected for their experience and ability to entertain children throughout your event. With 4 Celebrations, finding a competent babysitter becomes child's play. Simply visit our platform, specify your requirements and the date of your wedding, and we'll put you in touch with the best candidates.

How much does childcare cost for a wedding?

The cost of wedding daycare often varies according to time and number of children. For example, a5-hour daycare service for 10 children or less costs $550. For 5 hours with 20 children or less, it's around $725. The 3ᵉ package offered on 4 Celebrations is for those who would need a nanny for a 13-hour period, for 2 children under 3. For this kind of service, rates are $1035.

At 4 Celebrations, we understand that every wedding is unique and that needs vary. That's why our prices are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a babysitter for a few hours or for the entire event, we offer competitive packages to ensure that the children are well looked after, while respecting your budget.

Ideas for activities to keep kids busy at a wedding

To ensure that the kids have just as unforgettable a time at your wedding as the adults, here are some ideas for activities inspired by the best articles and available on Pinterest :

Creative corner : Set up an area with materials for coloring, drawing and crafts. This allows children to give free rein to their creativity while remaining calm and concentrated.

Treasure hunt: Organize a treasure hunt with clues scattered around the reception venue. It's an exciting activity that gets kids moving and exploring.

Magic workshop: Hire a magician to perform a short show, followed by a workshop where children learn a few simple tricks.

Open-air cinema: If the wedding is taking place in the evening, why not set up an open-air cinema area with cushions, popcorn and films suitable for children?

Cupcake or cookie workshop: Children love to bake, especially when it comes to decorating cupcakes or cookies that they can then enjoy.

Small reading corner: A quiet corner with cushions, rugs and a selection of children's books can provide a welcome moment of relaxation.

Board games and puzzles: A selection of age-appropriate games can keep kids entertained for hours.

Mini-disco : Organize a mini-disco with music, lights and maybe even a little dance contest for the kids.

To incorporate these ideas into your wedding and keep the kids entertained, visit 4 Celebrations. Not only can we help you find the perfect childcare, we can also inspire you with creative and fun ideas that will make your wedding an unforgettable event for young and old alike.