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Video Editor

345.00$ - 865.00$

Do you have video footage of your event and want to create a souvenir video? Book the services of a professional video editor, who will add a creative and original touch to your video!

3 packages available:

10 hours of assembly: $345

20 hours of assembly: $635

30 hours of assembly: $865

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Our video editor will take the film footage, sound recordings and visual effects captured during the shoot and assemble them into a cohesive product.

He will review the footage, sort the images and footage, cut, edit and combine them to create a coherent and compelling video.

Our video editor will add music, sound effects, special effects and titles to complete the final product.

He will work with the client to ensure that the final product meets their vision.


30-minute preparatory meeting

10h of editing (1 correction*) for $345

20 hours of editing (2 corrections*) for $635

30 hours of editing (3 corrections*) for $865

Each additional hour at $35

* A correction means that the editor sends the client a first draft. Clients can view it and come back with comments, questions and requests so that the video editor can modify the video accordingly. This approach allows to follow the work closely and get more of the client's vision.

The time required to edit a video depends on several factors, such as the length of the final video, the amount of video footage and audio content recorded, the complexity of visual effects and editing, and the specific requirements of the client.

In general, post-production for a video takes between 10 to 40 hours of work for a professional, depending on the factors mentioned above. This includes sorting, organizing and selecting footage, synchronizing audio and video tracks, adding transitions and titles, adding background music, color grading and error correction.

It is important to keep in mind that each project is unique and that assembly time can vary considerably depending on the client's specific needs and expectations.

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10 hours of editing: $345, 20 hours of editing: $635, 30 hours of editing: $865


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